Discrete Mathematics
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Proofs Few more examples on Proofs --- NS Number Theory Sets, Relations, Functions Sequences and Series Counting Graph Theory

* [R]: Discrete Mathematics and its Applications by Kenneth Rosen, Seventh (Indian) Edition.
* [B]: Elementary Number Theory by David Burton, Seventh Edition.
* [AZ]: Proofs from the Book by Aigner and Ziegler, Fourth Edition.

* [D]: Graph Theory by Reinhard Diestel, Fifth Edition.
* [CLRS]: Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, Leiserson, Riverst, and Stein, Third Edition.
* [A1]: Calculus Vol 1 by Tom M. Apostol, Second Edition.

* Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet

* Prereq denotes that this topic is typically taught in an earlier course.
* AR stands for additional reading (no lecture delivered but included in syllabus).
* EP stands for a problem of importance but it is given as part of an exam.
* NS says that it is not part of the syllabus although it was taught.

When this course had eight credits, i.e. four hours of teaching per week instead of three hours, following topics were also taught (in additional fourteen hours).

Discrete Probability

* [F]: An introduction to probability theory and its Applications vol 1 by Willam Feller, Third Edition.
* [MU]: Probability and computing by Mitzenmacher and Upfal, First Edition.
* Few examples are also taken from the text: A first course in probability theory by Sheldron Ross, Ninth Edition.