R. Inkulu at cse.iitg in Spring 2018
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Overview      [CLRS]: 5-14, 23-29, 43-49; [note] Euclid's GCD algo      [CLRS]: 930, 934-936 Divide-Conquer-Combine Prune and Search Incremental Repeated squaring Greedy Local Search Dynamic Programming String matching Gale-Shapley's stable matching algo      [KT]: 4-12 Graph traversal Minimum spanning trees Shortest paths in weighted digraphs Network flows Worst-case lower bounding

* [CLRS]: Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, Leiserson, Riverst, and Stein, Third Edition.
* [KT]: Algorithm Design by Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos, First Edition.

* Prereq denotes that this topic is expected to be taught in an earlier course; hence, only reviewed in this course.
* AR stands for additional reading (no lecture delivered but included in syllabus).
* EP stands for a problem of importance but it is given as part of an exam/homework.
* NS says that it is not part of the syllabus although it was taught.