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Name of the Language                                                                              


The term Zeliang is coined by combining two words ‘Ze’ and ‘Liang’, representing two tribal names, Zemei or Zemi and Liangmei. People believe that Ramtinkabit in the northern district of Manipur , is the birth place of the Zeliang people. This place is named after a big stone ramtinkabit.


Geographical Location

The Zeliang Naga live primarily in the south-western part of Kohima district. This area is bounded in the north and east by the Angami territory , in the south by the state of Manipur and in the west by North Cachar Hills and the Karbi Anglong districts of Assam. Majority of the Zeliang villages are spread over Jhaluke, Paren and Medzephima blocks of Kohima district

Number of Speakers


Phonemic Inventory


Grammatical Categories



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