Name of the Language:                                                                            


Their features are a mixture of Tibeto-Mongoloid and Palaeo-Mongoloid stock.

Geographical Location

The Tagins occupy the area almost in the central zone of Arunachal Pradesh. Their area is in the hills in the Trans-Subansiri and the Trans-Kamala rivers, beyond Sela Pathar in Assam Valley, on the north  bank of Brahmaputra. Tagins are thus living in the interiors of lower and upper Subansiri districts. Their main belt of inhabition is in the Subansiri basin around Daporijo and further in its trans basin, the areas like Taliha, Syeum, Nacho, Limking and Takshing. The area is in fact between the domain of the Adis in the east and the Nishis in the west.

Number of Speakers


Phonemic Inventory


Grammatical Categories



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