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By appearance they belong to the Tibeto-Mongoloid stock.  Further it may be stated that they seem to be in between the Akas and the Monpas. In fact they occupy the central position geographically as well between these two tribes, therefore their admixture with the two races of the said tribes can’t be ruled out.


Geographical Location

Sherdukpen community are present in the Rupa, Jigaon and Shergaon valley areas, which are interconnected with each other by a narrow gorge, and the entire strip is surrounded by the hill ranges of Bomdila to the north, the Bompula to the south, the Naringla to the west and the Aka hills to the cast. Their areas thus finds its place in the western region of Arunachal Pradesh in the west Kameng district.  

Number of Speakers


Phonemic Inventory


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