Languages of the NE -> Rabha

Name of the Language                                                                            


The Rabhas comprise of the following groups: 1)Rangdhani also called Rangla, 2) Maitori also called Maita, 3) Sunga Kusa, 4) Pati Rabha, 5) Dahori, 6) Bitla and 7) Totla, out of which (4) to (7) have merged with Asamiya Rangla having emerged as the standard dialect in recent times.

Geographical Location

The Rabhas are found primarily found in the northern part of the valley in the districts of Goalpara, Dhubri and Kamrup.

Number of Speakers

The population in the valley according to the 1991 census is 112424.

Phonemic Inventory

The following is a brief sketch of the sound system of the Rabha language.


p  b                      t   d                   k   g

ph                        th                     kh

  m                          n                      N

                            s z                       h

                            t S

                            r   l




i                       u

e                    o

a                   a)


Grammatical Categories