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Geographical Location

The Phoms are located east of the River Dikhu, in the northwest part of the Tuensang District, to the Aos and west of the Konyaks and North of the Chang. It is commonly believed that the Phoms have migrated into the present area from the eastern lands through the passage on the border of Burma called ‘Apaithung’. They then settle down in a place called ‘ Yingnyuching’ where they stayed for years, but with growing population dispersed once again to settle down in the different villages in the North Eastern portion of Nagaland. Because of their close relationship with the Konyaks, they have often been viewed as a part of them and because of the proximity with the better known Aos, whose language was often used in early literacy endeavors, the Phoms have not been able to assert their distinctness in the past. However, Phoms are those who have claim their separate identity, which is now well recognized. The use of their language for education has also given a boost to their identity. At present, the Phoms reside in 39 villages.

Number of Speakers

Their population  which was only around 25,000 in 1981, has jumped to 63, 350 presently.

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