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  Machine Translation

The term Machine Translation (MT) refers to the process of performing or aiding translation tasks involving more than one human language. It is a system that translates natural language from one source language (SL) to a target language (TL).
An MoU was signed between IIT Kanpur and IIT Guwahati for the transfer of Machine Aided Translation System (AnglaBharati) and the same was transferred to IIT Guwahati on 29th March 2004. Investigations into transforming it to an English to Assamese system is in progress. A concise description of the activities in this direction are given below: 

(a) The graphical user interface of the MT system has been re-designed. It now allows display of Assamese text. Modifications have been made in the Java modules. The existing Susha encoding scheme has been used. In addition, a new Assamese font set has been created according to that of Susha font set. The system is now able to display properly consonants, vowels, and matras of Assamese characters properly.

(c) The mapping of Assamese keyboard with that of Roman has been worked out.

(d) The process of entering Assamese words (equivalent of English words) in the lexical database (nouns and verbs) is in progress.