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  Morphological Analyzer

The Resource Centre has developed two morphological analyzers for Assamese and Manipuri. They have been used both in the spell checker and OCR systems. Both the morphological analyzers use the technique of stemming wherein the affixes are either deleted or added to arrive at the root words.

 Features of Assamese Morphological Analyzer:
1. Currently works with twenty linguistic rules.
More rules can be added without alteration in code.
3. Modules are available in the form of APIís for customization.

Features of Manipuri Morphological Analyzer:
Sixty rules are being used currently
2.Can be easily upgraded for more complex patterns
3. The modules, which have been developed so far are available in  the form of API
ís and can be used according to the need by other applications like, spell checker, etc.
A Graphical User Interface has been developed.