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The Mishmis are divided into three groups on the basis of their geographical distribution but racially all the three groups  are of the same stock. They are Idu Mishmi , Digaru Mishmi and Miju Mishmi.

The Mishmis are of Palaeo-Mongoloid race. The faces are round with a flat forehead and molar. The nose is broad with thick nasal tips, the eyes are small and deep set obliquely. 

Geographical Location

The Mishmis occupy the northeastern tip of the central Arunachal Pardesh in the Dibang valley and Lohit districts . Their areas exactly lies in the Mishmi Hills which extend between the Dibang and Lohita rivers. The Mishmi Hills  are thus covering a vast expanse of hilly area beyond Sadiya in Assam valley.

Number of Speakers


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Grammatical Categories



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