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Kuki is one of the smaller tribes in Nagaland, but it has been given its due importance by recognizing its language for primary education. This is not to be ignored because it is made out that the Kukis are not ‘Nagas’ as such, but are a representatives of another related group in the Tibeto-Burman Language called Kuki-Chin. It may be mentioned here that the term Kuki-Chin was used by Sir G. A. Grierson in his “Linguistic Survey of India” (Vol. III,  Part III, 1904), a survey that was conducted almost a Hundred years back.  

Geographical Location

There it was clearly mentioned that l,’ the territory inhabited by the Kuki-Chin tribes extends from the Naga Hills in the North down into the Sondanaay District of Burma in the South; from the Myittha river in the East, almost to the Bay of Bengal in the West. 

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