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Kokborok belongs to the Boro subgroup of the Tibeto-Burman language family and shows a close affinity with the other languages of the same subgroup like Boro, Garo, Kachari and others.

Eleven different tribes residing in Tripura showing a little or more difference in their speech speak Kokborok. These tribes are namely, 1) Debbarma, 2) Noatia, 3) Jamatia, 4) Koloi, 5) Laitong, 6) Karpong, 7) Dalong, 8) Aiang, 9) Dahula, 10) Mosom, 11) Rupini, 12) Riang, and 13) Muslung.

They call their language as kk- brk- ma, which means the "language of men".

Source: Central Institute of Indian languages, Mysore.