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The Hmars speak Duhlian among themselves. The language is written in Roman script. The educated Hmars speak in English and some of them can even speak in Hindi with others. They are a schedule tribe.

The Hmars are divided into thirteen major clans and each major clan is divided into a number of subclans.

Generally, each of these clans resides in a particular area, and many of the villages are known by the namesof the clans of its inhabitants. Traditionally, each clan had a dialect of its own  but a common dialect for all (Hmar) has been developed among them. The missionary influence is responsible for the development of the common dialect. Before acceptance of Christianity, the clans were exogamous. Now this is not strictly adhered to.

Geographical Location

The Hmar speakers are found in the hills of Manipur, Mizoram, Cachar, North Cachar and in Tripura. The area where they live in Mizoram is surrounded by dense forests. The climate is moderate and rainfall is high

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