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Hemchandra Baruah was born at Sibsagar in 1835. His father's name was Muktaram Baruah . Hemchandra Baruah had lost his father when he was quite young. After his father's death , he was removed by his uncle Lakhinath  Barua , who was then the head of the deputy Commissioner's Revenue office at Sibsagar. After some years, Hemchandra Baruah was appointed as an apprentice in the Deputy Commissioner's office on Rs. 4 per month . It was only the encouragement and guidance of Captain Brodie , Deputy Commissioner of Sibsagar and the Missionaries , Hemchandra Baruah was able to pick up a fair knowledge of English and he became a regular contributor to the Missionary weekly , illustrated paper " Arunadai" . By dint of his hard work and steady perseverance Hemchandra Baruah became the Superintendent of the Judicial Commissioner's office. He retired from the service of Government in 1882 . He enjoyed his pension till 1896 when he died . His first literary work of value was Assamese grammar, which was  published in 1860. In 1873 he wrote a first Primer of the Assamese language for which he obtained a reward of Rs. 500. He was the author  of a book on " Assamese Marriage System" and of two farcical plays the "Kania Kirtan" which exposed the vice of excessive opium eating, and " bahire rang sang bhitare koabhatoori" which was a satire on the then  " bahire rang sang bhitare koabhatoori" which was a satire on the then Assamese Society. Hem Chandra also edited the "Assam News" at Gauhati for some time.