Languages of the NE->Dimasa

Name of the Language:                                                                            

The Dimasa language belongs to the Boro Garo group of languages within the Tibeto- Burman sub family. The Dimasa is one of the oldest races of the northeast. They are basically Sakta or worshipper of the power in the form of Goddess Hoirambeswary, meaning Goddess Kali. History or old anecdotes denote that they were originally inhabitants of Tibet and migrated from there via the Patkai range to the upper part of Assam and settled there.

Geographical Location

It is mainly spoken in the Cachar and Karbi Anglong districts of Assam.

Number of Speakers

The population of Dimasa speakers according to the 1991 census is 84,654.

Phonemic Inventory

Tones: There are two types of tones present in the Dimasa language. They are (I) Highand

(2) Level unmarked tone.

Grammatical Categories

The Dimasa language follows the (SOV) Subject Object Verb pattern