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A part of the Chakhesang tribe speaks the Chokri language. The Chakhesang are regarded as a major tribe in Nagaland. Changkhesang is constructed as an acronym of the three names,  Cha – Chakru , khe – kheza , Sang – Sangtam .

The Chokri language is closer to Angami than to Kheza or Sangtam. 

 Roman script is used for writing the Chokri language. The letter ‘X’ and ‘U’does not occur in the  Chokri vocabulary. The missionaries would take the main credit for introducing the script. However tones are not marked in this language.

The Chokri Language Committee set up in 1968 has been taking the active role in providing consultation to those engaged in material production for schools.

Geographical Location

Chakru in Angami means  “ Separated out” and hence Chakrus are the people who separated out from the main route of Angami migration and moved northeastwards to settle down in the area, which is now called the Phek District.

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Phonemic Inventory


Grammatical Categories



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