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The National conference "Recent Advances in Correlated Electron Systems" organized by the Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati will be a major event in the North-Eastern region of the country in the area of correlated electron systems. This will cover a wide range of topics in the area of strongly correlated systems. They range from the traditional subjects, such as, f-electron compounds, d-electron systems, heavy fermions, to nanoscale structures and optical lattices, which have also established connections with the conventional model systems. Mathmetical models and computational studies will also be highlighted. The objective of the conference is not only to provide a forum for discussion of their achievements but also to enrich the young researchers to the new frontiers. Program will consist of plenary talks, invited talks and contributed talk. In addition, specially scheduled poster sessions are being planned

Tentative Topics

1. Quantum Phase transitions
2. Heavy Fermion systems
3. High temperature superconductivity
4. Unconventional superconductors
5. Kondo impurity and lattice systems.
6. Multiferroic systems
7. Competition between charge, spin and orbital degrees of freedom
8. Novel magnetic materials
9. Low dimensional systems
10. Correlated atoms in optical lattices
11. Mathematical models and computational studies

Program Schedule


Accomodation of all Participants is arranged in IIT Guwahati guest house.