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Personal Vehicles (personal e-mobility)

During the 20th century two massive but separate energy conversion systems were developed:

  • The electric utility system.
  • The light vehicle fleet.

With a shaft power capacity averaging 100 hp, or 75 kWm per vehicle (kWm is kW mechanical), the Indian fleet's 15 million light vehicles have a total power capacity of about 1,000,000 MWm, which is 7 times the power capacity of the entire electric generation system. The automotive industry is beginning its shift to electric-drive vehicles (EDVs).



Instead of taking power directly from the electricity distribution network, propose to use large capacity batteries such as VRBs (Vanadium Redox batteries) as indirect source of power supply. These batteries will charge themselves during off peak hours when the load on the distribution network is low and will act as a charging station for the buses during peak hours.