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Bus power train

An electric vehicle (EV) powertrain can have multiple motor to meet better driving requirements. However, with multiple motors the powertrain requires multiple power converters and complex control system making the system complicated and also increasing the powertrain size. In order to overcome this drawback and at the same time exploit the advantages of multiple motors, dual mechanical port motors (DMP) can be used. The DMP is a combination of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM) and Induction Machine (IM). Using DMP, a given power output can be achieved with smaller size motor, reduced weight of winding and magnet materials. DMP would thus result in increased power density, reduced losses, high efficiency, and increased mileage per charge for an EV. Hence, in this work research on DRM design, a prototype of the DMP, its control and associated power electronic converters will be developed.