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Design as a process of originating and developing a plan for a product, structure or system has close association with art, architecture and technology. With its interdisciplinary nature, design is engrained in many other fields. Research is an intrinsic aspect of design practice and an essential part of the activity of problem solving. The designer is involved in a constant process of enquiry. This process is rooted in the notion of questioning, whether that leads to a discrete design solution or whether it contributes to the discourse and debate in the form of a proposition or a further question.

Dr. Prasad Bokil has been working in the area of knowledge representation of design processes. He has completed his PhD in Knowledge Representation of Grids in Graphic Design. He is currently supervising the research activity of three PhD students.


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Research Scholars
Subir Day
Research Scholar
subir [at]
Arts School Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India

MS University, Baroda, India
Area of resratch: Sound symbolic words in Indian Comics

Sound in films and other dynamic media is an integral part of the narrative. It evokes and creates different emotions in the viewer’s mind. On contrary, printed comics is a narrative medium that represents sound in the form of written text. Therefore, the reader needs to invest a constant effort to decode the effect of the sound through the text and cognitively connect to its experience. In this context, my research enquires the structure and meaning of sound-words that are represented in Indian comics.
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Subhajit Chandra
Research Scholar
c.subhajit [at]
Kolkota Arts College

DoD, IIT Guwahati
Area of resratch: Legibility of Bengali script

The study offers a grid system for Bengali and a range of nomenclatures to identify different features that may help type designer to achieve rhythm and unity during design of a typeface. The horizontal to vertical ratio of letters can be achieved in practice by using the grid system. The study proposes seventeen distinct features after analyzing only vowels and consonants over the five features that identified by Fiona Ross. The features and their position and shape can accompany to effective design of typeface that can solve the legibility and letter confusion to recognition issues. The features can also be used in OCR systems for detection of letters.
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Madhuri Sasupilli
Research Scholar
madhuri [at]
JNTU Hyd - Samskruti College of Engineering

JNTU Hyd - Samskruti College of Engineering
Madhuri has recently joined the group. She is going through the course work. She is currently exploring the area of gamification as a pedagogical tool.

Decode, A learning game for Children with Dyslexia 
Design Based Project: Completed

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