X Busters

Age Group: 10 and above
No.of Players: 3 to 6
Type: Board Game

Subir Dey (IIT Guwahati)
Amol Bendkule (IIT Hyderabad)
Isha Agarwal (IIT Guwahati)


This game to teach chemistry to children in fun learning way, while playing you have to check for valancies of cation and anion cards.to satisfy valancy bond you should calculate the bond numbers, here comes chemical mathematics. This canion and cation cards have elements which can make compound with other elements so that every time they have to check for their proper element to make compound, here comes the chemistry of periodic tables. As we are considering they don’t know about compounds we are giving them a table of possible combinations of compounds. So time to time they have to cross check the possible compound.

Game Play
Initially, at four corners of the board four busters will be placed. At the center of the board there is danger sign i.e. scientist's chemical bomb. Around bomb there are four blue circles where any of two places two scientists will be placed. In the middle of the board there are four circles marked with G are the places where noble gas pawns should be placed initially. Same like Noble gases there are places where radioactive sign are showed those are places where radioactive pawns should be placed initially. Around bomb there are four green circles which are the deactivation places for bomb where noble gases should be placed at the end of the game, by placing those pawns at that point will end the game by busters .likewise for Radioactive pawns there are places marked with red double circle, where they should be placed for activating bomb, by means game will end and scientists will win.

There are two conditions, first if either Scientist or Busters succeeded to place their respective radioactive pawns and noble gas pawns to their respective places. But before placing their last pawn they have to make sure about they should not have any cards left to satisfy. Then only they can place their last pawn.Second, if either Scientist or Busters succeeded to put all scientists and Busters in the dark cell, game will end.