Thar Trails

Age Group: 8 and above
No.of Players: 2 to 4
Type: Board Game

Mohammad Faris (IIT Guwahati)
Gourab Chatterjee (NID Ahmedabad)
Midushi Kochhar (Srishti)


Mathematical word problems is a difficult lesson for children to grasp. Children who have a better command over the language tend to solve the questions with ease. However, as a topic it is quite boring for children and they usually don’t enjoy solving them.

Game Play
The youngest player starts first by rolling the die and moving her/ his pawn in clock- wise direction. Depending upon where she/ he lands action has to be performed. Following are three places where a player can land on: Numbered places- On this place draw the number of cards from resources pile to increase your inventory. Red Numbered places- Loose these many cards Secret Wish Card- Draw a card from the secret wish card pile. Can use the card in the next or any other turns If the player lands on the Barrier points he/ she has to try to get over the barrier by solving the math problem. If the answer is incorrect or she/ he is unable to solve/ not eligible to solve then the she/ he has to draw a one card from the penalty pile. However, you need to have a minimum of 15 food items, 15 water sacks and 15 medicines to gain a relic which then unlocks the hidden treasure.

Winning Condition
The Banjara who gains the relics fastest and finds the treasure by getting over all barriers wins the game.

Special Condition
A lot of exchanges, gains and losses happen during the game depending upon the math word problem or the secret wish cards.