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IIT Guwahati has successfully established itself into a full-fledged premier technological Institute in a relatively short span of 18 years since its inception in 1994. The Institute is well recognised for its research and teaching facilities. The fifteenth convocation held in May 2013 saw the fifteenth batch of undergraduate and the fourteenth batch of postgraduate students receiving their degrees.

The students of the Institute have been able to continuously display tremendous potential and skill in their fields of study and they have also fared well in terms of having a well-rounded personality. The alumni of IIT Guwahati are showing excellence in their respective areas of work. It therefore, isn't surprising that recruiters from varied fields have responded very enthusiastically and rated our students very high. Their abilities are well attested by the excellent reports we receive from the recruiting companies.

The Institute provides support to the graduating students registered for placement by offering information and guidance. The Training and Placement Cell looks after all the required activities for this purpose. The Training and Placement Cell has the required infrastructure to conduct parallel placement sessions, video conferencing facility, and excellent accommodation arrangement in the guest house, etc. to organize campus placement activities.

We take this opportunity to invite your esteemed organization to visit our campus for recruitment. It will be a privilege for us to welcome you at IIT Guwahati.

Our campus placement activities for the session 2013-2014 will begin from the first week of December 2013 and the process will continue till May 2014. It may be noted that an early date in December may assure you in recruiting the best of the students from our Institute.

With Best Wishes,

Prof. Natesan Srinivasan

Faculty In-Charge, Training and Placement


IIT Guwahati needs no introduction. It is part of the IIT family and having started in 1995, is still growing. The student strength is just about 5000 in August 2013. Currently there are 335 faculty. About 600 papers were published in journals and about 550 were presented in conferences in 2012-13. The number of PhD students on campus is nearly 1400. There are more than 350 sponsored projects being undertaken at present. There is therefore a very strong R&D environment in the Institute. This enhances the quality of teaching.

IIT Guwahati is committed to excellence in all spheres of its activities. We are never satisfied with what we have achieved. The students graduating from this institute are motivated, bright, and very eager to do well after they graduate. Our institute provides them quality education both in the classroom, and outside it. We have extensive facilities for sports and cultural activities. We know we have to mould the bright minds so that they can tackle the challenges of nature, of society, and of the marketplace.

Our emphasis is on education, rather than training. So prospective employers may find that a particular student is not up-to-step with some new technology or methodology. They should assess if the student's fundamentals are strong or not. If the answer is yes, than he or she will be able to pick up the necessary details without any problems. We are also aware that there is scope for improving the soft skills of some of our students. We are doing what we can. At the same time, we must recognise that since the students are bright, they upgrade these skills very fast while on the job.

I invite all prospective employers of our students to visit IIT Guwahati and to participate in the on-campus placement process.

With Best Wishes,

Prof. Gautam Biswas,

Director, IIT Guwahati

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