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PH702: Electrodynamics
(PhD Coursework)

Brief Outline: Maxwell’s equations, Green function formalism and boundary value problems in electrostatics and magnetostatics, Poynting’s theorem and Gauge transformations, Electromagnetic waves in dielectric and conducting media; Waveguide and resonant cavity;
Radiation: Retarded potential, Field and radiation of a localized Oscillating source, Electric dipole radiation, Center-fed linear antenna, Lienard-Wiechert potential, radiation by nonrelativistic and relativistic charges, angular distribution of radiation;
Scattering: scattering at long wavelengths, Thomson and Rayleigh scattering, Born approximation;
Relativistic electrodynamics: covariant formalism of Maxwell’s equations.

1. Classical Electrodynamics J.D. Jackson
2. Electrodynamics of Continuous Media, Landau and Lifshitz
3. Electrodynamics H. J. W. Muller Kirsten
4. Classical Electromagnetic Radiation G. S. Smith

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