The plots above are density plots of electronic wavefunctions of the Hydrogen atom. These also can be seen as mental pictures of the electron cloud around the nucleus. The plots are made in xz plane. The 3D density plots can be constructed by turning this figure about z axis which the vertical axis passing through the center of the picture above.

Just enter |n,l,m> in appropriate boxes and press redraw button to see the plot. The scale of the figure can be changed in the scale box. The bright horizontal line at the bottom of the figure has a length of 1 Bohr radius.

Brighness control is provided to see the weak satellite clouds around the main clouds. For example to see the diffrence between 1s and 2s states, choose the scale of 15 and brighness of 10000. Do play with the scale and brightness to see these glorius figures which are shown on the cover page of the H E White's Book titled "Introduction to Atomic Spectra".

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