Sayan Chakrabarti

Sayan Chakrabarti

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics, IIT Guwahati
Room No: A-301
Sayan Chakrabarti is a member of the following research group and research areas:

Research areas

  • General relativity, Black hole perturbations, Gravitational waves, Cosmology

I work mainly on black hole perturbations and quasinormal modes (QNM), alternative theories of gravity and some mathematical aspects of black holes. QNMs are solutions of linearised differential equations of general relativity describing perturbations of black holes with complex eigenvalues describing the frequency of oscillation (real part) and the damping time (imaginary part). QNMs provide important information about black hole parameters. They can also play a role in understanding AdS/CFT correspondence and some quantum aspects of black holes. Apart from these, I am also interested in AdS/CFT correspondence and its application to condensed matter systems.

Highlighted publications

  1. Journals

    • I. K. Dihingia, S. Das, D. Maity and S. Chakrabarti"Limitations of the pseudo-Newtonian approach in studying the accretion flow around a Kerr black hole", Phys. Rev. D vol.98, no. , pp.083004-1-083004-13 , [2018 ]

    • S. Airen, F. Capozzi, S. Chakraborty, B. Dasgupta, G. Raffelt and T. Stirner"Normal-mode Analysis for Collective Neutrino Oscillations", Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics vol.1812, no. , pp.19, [2018 ]

    • S. Chakraborty"Supernova neutrinos: Flavor conversion independent of their mass", Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy vol.39, no. , pp. , [2018 ]

    • Wadbor Wahlang, Piyush A. Jeena, Sayan Chakrabarti"Quasinormal modes of scalar and Dirac perturbations of Bardeen de-Sitter black holes ", International Journal of Modern Physics D vol.26, no.14, pp.1750160, [2017]

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