Computational Facilites

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The Physics Department operates its own computing facility comprised of research and academic components which are maintained as two separate facilities and located on the Ground floor of Core 4 Academic Complex for use by Physics students, research scholars, faculty, project staff and staff.

Computer Laboratory currently boasts of a PC strength of 62 all of renowned brands and are specially configured for high-class computational performance. Most of which are used as NIS client operating under Red Hat Linux Environment. Remaining PC are of Windows XP Environment. There are also Three servers at present, one for NIS Authentication server running in Red hat 9 OS Environment, one for NFS File & Print Server for Research Scholars & Faculty members and the other one act as Cluster Server . The laboratory also owns a Sun Workstation running under Solaris 9 OS Environment and is used for high performance computation. The entire Computer Laboratory is networked internally through high-performance Netgear switches and this network is connected to Fiber Optics backbone to connect to the Institutes Computer & Communication Center for external connectivity & internet facility.

A variety of software are available for mathematical computation, data analysis, image manipulation, document scanning and office productivity. The lab is also equipped with one network laser printers and one high resolution scanner.