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Paper  Submission
Guideline for Paper Submission
Submission for Technical Sessions is open to all members of the scientific and technical community. Authors submitting papers to the PHOTONICS 2010 Conference are required to submit a one-page extended abstract beginning May 01, 2010 and no later than August 13, 2010 17:00 IST (11:30 AM GMT). Authors will be notified by September 27, 2010 regarding the status of their paper by email. Notifications will be sent only to the corresponding author. Once accepted, authors will be required to submit a four-page camera-ready manuscript of the papers no later than October 25, 2010 17:00 IST (11:30 AM GMT). It is incumbent on the authors to obtain appropriate approval to present their work to this international forum.
Paper submission is closed now.
Post Deadline Paper Submission
PHOTONICS 2010 encourages the scientific and technical community to report extraordinary results through the Post Deadline Papers. Only a limited number of Post Deadline Papers, adjudged truly excellent by the Technical Program Committee, will be accepted.

Post Deadline Papers can be submitted from September 15 to November 15, 2010. The status of the Post Deadline Paper will be notified to the corresponding author by November 30, 2010 through email.


Authors willing to submit Post Deadline Paper are requested to prepare Four-page camera-ready manuscript (not the extended abstract) strictly following the instructions 1, 2 and 3 given in the section "Instruction for Authors to Prepare Four-Page Camera-ready Paper".


Defining the file name for the Post Deadline Paper : File name of the Post Deadline Paper (in pdf) should follow "PIS code_PIS sub code (if needed)_First Author's Last name_ First Author's First name_paper number_PDL". Please strictly follow the above mentioned sequence in naming the Post Deadline Paper file.

  Examples of the correct file name : "OFT_PC_Aggarwal_Ajay_1_PDL", "GP_Plodinec_David_1_PDL" and "GP_Plodinec_David_2_PDL".

Post Deadline Paper should be directly submitted to abstract.photonics2010@gmail.com with a subject "Post Deadline Paper". In order to be considered for the selection, each paper must be accompanied by at least a valid registration to the conference made on/before the date of submission.

Post Deadline Paper submission is closed now.
Instruction for Authors to Prepare Four-Page Camera-ready Paper
After receiving the notification of the acceptance in oral/poster category of the one-page extended abstract, author(s) of the corresponding accepted extended abstract are requested to submit the full-length camera-ready paper of that accepted extended abstract.

Full-length camera-ready paper must be of maximum four page length.


Author(s) must follow instructions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the one-page extended abstract preparation while preparing the full-length camera-ready paper.


Author(s) should not include PIS code and the Presentation Preference in the full-length camera-ready paper.


Defining the file name for the four-page camera-ready paper : File name of the full-length paper (in pdf) should follow "PIS code_PIS sub code (if needed)_First Author's Last name_ First Author's First name_paper number_full". Please strictly follow the above mentioned sequence in naming the full-length paper file.

  Examples of the correct file name : "OFT_PC_Aggarwal_Ajay_1_full", "GP_Plodinec_David_1_full" and "GP_Plodinec_David_2_full".
For plenary/invited Speakers : Guidelines for the full-length camera-ready paper of the plenary/invited talks remain the same as mentioned above. However, the file name of the full-length paper should be defined as "PIS code_PIS sub code (if needed)_Speaker's Last name_ Speaker's First name_Plenary/Invited_full".
Instruction for Authors to Prepare One-Page Extended Abstract
    Click on this image to view full-sized Template

General Information : One page extended abstract should be prepared for A4 size paper (21cm x 29.7cm) with single-spacing and 2.5cm margins on all the sides. The font should be "Times New Roman" throughout. All text, title, authors, addresses, abstract, references, tables, figures, and photographs should fit to one page.


Topic and Preference inclusion : The Topic (Photonics Indexing Scheme (PIS) Code) should be included at the top left corner and the Presentation Preference (Oral/Poster) should be included at the top right corner, one line above the title of the abstract (within the 2.5 cm top margin). As an example, "Header" option may be used to add the PIS code and the Preference while preparing the extended abstract using MS Word. The Photonics Indexing Scheme (PIS) Codes are listed at the end of this page. Extended abstract without PIS code will not be accepted.


Title, Author(s) name and affiliation : The title should be written in 12 pt bold capital letters and centered at the top of the page. The authors' names, complete organizational affiliations, mailing addresses, and E-mail addresses should be in 11 pt font size, one line (11pt) below the title.


Brief Abstract : The abstract of about 50 words should be placed one line (11pt) below the last E-mail address and should be set in 10 pt font. The text of the abstract should follow "Abstract:" (in bold) in the same line.


Main Text : The main text should start two lines below the abstract and be written in a two-column format with 8 mm spacing between columns using 10 pt fonts. Indent each paragraph by 3.5mm. Each major section should begin with a heading in bold capital letters centered within a column and numbered

Click to view full-sized Template

using Arabic numerals except for ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and REFERENCES. Each section heading should be preceded with one blank line. The subsection heading should be left justified in bold letters capitalizing the first letter of each major word and numbered using Arabic numerals (2.1, 2.2, ..). Equations should be centered in the column and numbered sequentially. Place the equation number to the right of the equation with right justification within its column. When referring to an equation, use the number within parenthesis as (1).


References : When quoting a reference in the text, place the reference numbers within square brackets. The reference list should be placed in the last section.


Acknowledgement : An acknowledgment can be added as an un-numbered section before the reference section.


Figure(s) and Table(s) : Author(s) may use color traces in graphical data or color photographs. All color traces in graphical data/photograph will be available only in the soft copy of the proceeding. All the colored artwork will appear black and white in the printed version of the proceedings/conference program.

  Place figure/photograph captions directly below each figure/photograph. All such captions should be numbered sequentially using Arabic numerals.
  Place table captions just above each table. These captions, numbered sequentially using Arabic numerals, should be centered.

Defining the file name for the extended abstract : File name of the abstract (in pdf) should follow "PIS code_PIS sub code (if needed)_First Author's Last name_ First Author's First name_paper number". First author will be the one who would be presenting the paper. In case, there is only one paper, "paper number" would be "1", if there are two papers from the same first author; it would be "2" and so on. Please strictly follow the above mentioned sequence in naming the abstract file.

  Examples of the correct file name : "OFT_PC_Aggarwal_Ajay_1", "GP_Plodinec_David_1" and "GP_Plodinec_David_2".

For plenary/invited Speakers : Guidelines for the extended abstract of the plenary/invited talks remain the same except for the following minor changes: (a) Please mention "Invited/Plenary" instead of "Presentation Preference" at the top right corner. (b) Please name the file as "PIS code_PIS sub code (if needed)_Speaker's Last name_ Speaker's First name_Plenary/Invited".

  Examples of the correct file name : "OFT_PC_Aggarwal_Ajay_Plenary" or "OFT_PC_Aggarwal_Ajay_Invited".
A template for the one-page Summary Submission in PDF format and in MS Word format can be downloaded here.
  Download Template in PDF or MS Word Format  
Photonics Indexing Scheme (PIS) Code
Please refer to the Photonics Indexing Scheme (PIS) codes given below. These codes must be used for extended abstract preparation. Select a proper abbreviated code from the following PIS code list. If necessary, please select the PIS code and then a sub-code from within that PIS code.

Examples of the correct PIS code : NP, OFT (PC), OFT (X).
  PIS Code   Topic  

  NP   Nanophotonics Engineering and Technology  
  GP   Green Photonics  
  PLSM   Plasmonics  
  BP   Biophotonics  
  OFT *   Optical Fiber Technology  
  MF   Microfluidics  
  OMNO   Optical Materials for Micro/Nano Optics  
  NFO   Near-Field Optics  
  GWO   Integrated and Guided-Wave Optics and Thin Film Optics  
  NLO   Nonlinear Optics  
  QO   Quantum Optics  
  UFO   Ultrafast Optics and Photonics  
  OCT   Optical Communications, Networking and Switching Technologies  
  SEN   Optical Fiber Sensors  
  MP   Microwave Photonics  
  OFWD *   Optical Fiber and Waveguide Devices  
  IOPT   Integrated Optics and Optoelectronics  
  OCSP   Optical Computing & Optical Signal Processing  
  OSD   Optical Storage and Display  
  TMS   Theory, Modeling and Simulations of Photonic Components and Devices  
  OSDD   Optical Sources, Detectors and Related Devices  
  QIQC   Quantum Information and Quantum Computing  
  X   Other  
* Sub-Code to be used for the abstract submission
  PIS Code   Sub-Code   Sub-Topic  

  OFT   PC   Photonics Crystal  
    P   Polymer  
    SWD   Subwavelength Diameter  
    X   Other  

  OFWD   FA   Fiber Amplifier  
    FL   Fiber Laser  
    FG   Fiber Gratings  
    X   Other  
Electronic submission is the preferred mode for Four-Page Camera-ready Paper submission to PHOTONICS 2010. However, in case of any difficulty, you can send your full-length paper directly to abstract.photonics2010@gmail.com
Full-length paper submission will begin from September 28, 2010.
Paper submission is closed.
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