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December 11-15, 2010
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Student Paper  Awards
     The Optical Society of America (OSA) Award  
  The Optical Society of America has sponsored two Best Student Paper Awards each of value USD 500 for high quality papers presented by students in the oral/poster session of the conference.  
  Open for all the students contributing to the conference.  
     SPIE Award  
  SPIE has sponsored three Best Student Paper Awards for high quality papers presented by the students in the oral/poster session of the conference. First prize carries USD 250 cash and 50 SPIE Digital Library Downloads. Second prize carries USD 200 cash and 25 SPIE Digital Library Downloads. Third prize carries USD 50 cash and 15 SPIE Digital Library Downloads. Each prize also carries 1-year student membership.  
  Open for all the students contributing to the conference.  
  How to apply / Eligibility :
  • Student should write to Dr Sunil Khijwania (skhijwania@iitg.ernet.in) that s/he wishes to be considered for these awards, giving the details of the accepted paper (Title and authors). Or else, the thesis advisor (professor involved in the work) can nominate the student author of the paper to be considered for the award.
  • The student (or the nominee) should be the first author of the paper.
  • The student (or the nominee) should make the presentation (either oral or poster).
  Selection Process  
  The Award Committee will consider presentations by students for the above-mentioned prizes. The decision of the award committee would be based on originality and innovativeness/novelty of the idea/experimental technique, understanding of the problem and presentation skill of the student presenter. The paper could be co-authored; however only the student author would be awarded the prize. In case of multiple student authors, the prize money would be shared amongst them. Decision of the award Committee(s) would be announced at the concluding session of the conference.  
Student Travel Grant  Awards
     IEEE Photonics Society Award  
  IEEE Photonics Society has established a Travel Grants program to encourage student participation in Photonics Society sponsored conferences. The program provides four Student Travel Grant Awards each of value USD 500 to enable students who present papers to travel to India to attend PHOTONICS 2010 conference.  
  Open only for the students of foreign origin contributing to the conference.  
  Eligibility : A recipient of a grant should be (a) a full time research scholar, (b) the first author and presenter of the accepted paper, and (c) sponsored by a Photonics Society member. Please note that preference will be given to Photonics Society Student Member.  
  How to apply : Those students, who wish to apply for the IEEE PS Student Travel Grant Awards award, are requested to return the dully completed form (download here) along with the necessary attachments to  
  PHOTONICS 2010 Secretariat
L-301, Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Guwahati, Assam, 781039

Fax: +91 361 258 2749
Email: photonics2010@iitg.ernet.in
  before October 11, 2010 under the subject line as IEEE PS Student Travel Grant. The committee of judges for the award would notify the recipients approximately four to six weeks prior to the conference date.  
Other  Awards
     IITD - FOS Photonics Award  
  The company Fiber Optics Services (FOS), Mumbai, India, promoted by IIT Delhi alumnus Mr P. H. Joshi, had instituted an award under the title of IITD - FOS Photonics Award for the first time during PHOTONICS 2008. The aim of the award, dedicated to his alma mater IIT Delhi, is to encourage technology oriented research by researchers working in India on Photonics with potential for commercialisation. Accordingly it would be given as the Best Research Paper on Photonics to the author(s) from an Indian organization, to be so adjudged by a panel of judges and presented during every PHOTONICS conferences held biennially in India. The award would carry a cash prize of Rs. 25,000.00 and a citation. Name(s) of the winner would be announced at the concluding session of the conference.  
  How to apply : Those who wish to get their paper (already accepted for presentation as oral/poster) considered for the award, are requested to mail one soft copy (pdf format) of the paper along with CV of the primary author, who would be making the presentation in person to Prof. Bishnu Pal, IIT Delhi (bishnupal@gmail.com) with a copy to iitd.fos.award@gmail.com before November 30, 2010 under the subject line as IITD-FOS Photonics Award.  
  The committee of judges for the award would base their decision on the following criteria :  
  • Work should be original & innovative
  • It should have been carried out in India
  • Clarity of the results & conclusion during presentation
  • Potential benefit to commercialization as a Photonics Technology
  • In case of multiple authors, prize money will be divided equally amongst the authors
  • Work from IITD and FOS will not be eligible for the award
  IEEE Photonics Society Award winners have been notified.  
     Photonics 2004 Endowment Prize  
  Photonics 2004 Endowment Prize is instituted by International School of Photonics, CUSAT and NeST Photonics, Cochin for the best device-based paper presented in the Oral/Poster session of the Photonics Conference held once in every two years in India. All interested are requested to note the following points:  
  1. The prize consists of Rs 20,000 plus a Trophy and Citation.
  2. The prize is given to a device-oriented work done entirely in any of the academic institutions in India.
  3. The award committee would judge such papers based on the originality, device commercialization possibility, understanding of the work and its implications by the presenter.
  4. The prize is for the work and hence the paper could be multiple authored
  5. Since CUSAT and NeST Cochin are hosting the award, papers from CUSAT and NeST will not be considered for the award.
Photonics 2004 Endowment Trophy
How to apply : Those who wish to get their paper considered for the award, should send one soft copy of the paper along with CV to Prof P Radhakrishnan (radhak@cusat.ac.in) with a copy to Prof V P N Nampoori (nampoori@gmail.com). The award will be given during the concluding session of the Conference.
  The last date for submission is extended to Dec 5, 2010.  
     Sterlite Technologies Innovation Award  
  The Sterlite Technologies Innovation Award for Outstanding Student Paper recognizes innovation, research excellence in Photonics and optical communications.  
  • All the papers, accepted by PHOTONICS 2010, are eligible for the award.
  • Presenting author must be a research Scholar or a student of an educational institution, at the time the paper was written.
  • Student must be listed as the presenting author of the paper.
  • Paper must be submitted and accepted during the regular Call for Papers process for PHOTONICS 2010.
    Note : Postdeadline Papers are not part of this competition.
  How to apply : Interested student author(s), who wish their paper to be considered for the award, are requested to mail the soft copy (PDF) of their paper to Dr Sunil Khijwania (skhijwania@iitg.ernet.in) with a copy to Dr H R Sahu (hr.sahu@sterlite.com) on or before November 30, 2010 under the subject line as Sterlite Innovation Award.  
  Selection Process  
  A panel of judges will select three prize winners on the basis of the innovation, originality, application of the reported research as well as the clarity in presentation. The prize winner will receives a memento along with a certificate of merit and gift vouchers. Competition results will be announced on-site during the Concluding Session.  
Award  Winners
     PHOTONICS 2010 : OSA Award  
Name of the Selected
Paper Details
  M Azhar Tunable Dispersion and Phase Matching Conditions in Hollow-core PCF Filled with Gaseous or Liquid Argon
M. Azhar 1, N.Y. Joly 1,2, G. Wong 1, P. St. J. Russell 1,2
1 Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, 91058 Erlangen, Germany
2 Department of Physics, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
  Somnath Ghosh A Soft Glass-Based Large Mode Area Bragg Fiber for High Power Delivery for Mid-ir Applications
Somnath Ghosh 1, Sonali Dasgupta 2, D. J. Richardson 2, R. K. Varshney 1, and Bishnu P. Pal 1
1 Physics Department, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
2 Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK
     Photonics 2010 : SPIE Award  
Award Name of the Selected Students Paper Details
  First   Bani Malhotra A 9.6 W Yb-Doped CW Fiber Laser Using Photonic Crystal Fiber
Bani Malhotra *a, Prateek Thapliyal a, Harneet.V. Thakur a, B.B. Padhy a, B.N.Upadhyaya b, U.Chakravarty b ,S.M Oak b
a Applied Physics, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune - 411 025, India
b Solid State Laser Division, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore, India
  Second   Himanish Basu A Biophotonic Study of Live, Flowing Red Blood Cells in An Optical Trap
H. Basu, A. K. Dharmadhikari, J. A. Dharmadhikari, S. Sharma, and D. Mathur *
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India
  Third   Ruchi Garg Asymmetric Long Period Gratings in Channel Waveguides : Application to Polarization Filter
Ruchi Garg, M. R. Shenoy and K. Thyagarajan
Physics Department, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
     PHOTONICS 2010 : IEEE Award  
Name of the Selected
Paper Details
  M. Annamalai Eigenmodes of a Travelling-Wave Phase-Sensitive Optical Parametric Amplifier
M. Annamalai 1*, N. Stelmakh 1, M. Vasilyev 1, and P. Kumar 2
1 University of Texas at Arlington, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Arlington, TX
2 Northwestern University, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Evanston, IL
  Hansik Yun Selectively Synthesized Silver Nanoparticle Arrays and Their Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance
Hansik Yun, Il-Min Lee, and Byoungho Lee
National Creative Research Center for Active Plasmonics Application Systems, Inter-University Semiconductor Research Center and School of Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
  Dwivedi Ram Prakash Lightwave Propagation Through A Nonmetallic Nanowires : Size Dependent Waveguide Dispersion and Slowed Light
Ram Prakash Dwivedi and El-Hang Lee
Optics and Photonics Elite Research Academy (OPERA), Graduate School of Information Technology, Inha University, South Korea
  K. M. Mohsin Tailoring Dispersion of Chalcogenide As2Se3 Suspended Core Fiber
K. M. Mohsin, Dihan Md. Nuruddin Hasan, Muhammad Nazmul Hossain, and M. Shah Alam
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh
     PHOTONICS 2010 : IITD FOS Award  
Name of the Selected
Paper Details
  K. Divya, Nilesh J. Vasa Experimental Investigations on Water-Vapour and Ammonia Sensing for Emission Monitoring
K. Divya, Nilesh J. Vasa
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
     PHOTONICS 2010 : PHOTONICS 2004 Endowment Award  
Name of the Selected
Paper Details
  Renilkumar M, Prita Nair Low Loss Optical Channel Drop Filters Based on High Contrast Si/Air Photonic Crystals by Wet Anisotropic Etching
Renilkumar M, and Prita Nair
SSN College of Engineering, Tamilnadu, India
     PHOTONICS 2010 : Sterlite Innovation Award  
Name of the Selected
Paper Details
  Monika Rajpoot Blue Light Emission Through Second Harmonic Generation in Left Handed Plasmonic Optical Nanoantenna
M. Rajput, R. K. Sinha and S. K. Varshney *
Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India
* Indian Institute Technology Kharagpur, India
  S. Kumar Interacting Double Dark Resonances in A Tripod System of Room Temperature 4He
S. Kumar 1, T. Laupr?re 2, C. Proux 2, F. Bretenaker 2, R. Ghosh 1 and F. Goldfarb 2
1 School of Physical Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
2 Laboratoire Aim?Cotton-CNRS, Universit?Paris Sud 11, France
  Kallol Roy Kolmogorov Complexity Approach to Decoy-Based Quantum Cryptography
Kallol Roy, Akshata Shenoy H., R. Srikanth *, E. S. Shivaleela, T. Srinivas
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
* Poornaprajna Institute Of Scientific Research, Bangalore
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