Office (ext) Office (direct) Res.(direct) Res.(ext.) Email
Dy. Registrar (T.T. Haokip)  2153   5019   hossnp, lunkip
Fax 2152        
Apurba Bhuyan (Sr. Supdt.) 2971       apu
Surendra Mohan Saloi (Sr. Supdt.) 2975       ssaloi
Manash Pathak (Sr. Supdt.) 2158       manash
Raju Singha (Jr. Supdt.) 2974       r_singhe
Kakali Roy (Jr. Supdt.) 2154       kakali
Dipumoni Hazarika (Jr. Supdt.) 2159       dipumoni
Ganesh Kalita (Jr. Supdt.) 2157       ganesh
Bishnuraj Sarma (Jr. Supdt.) 2155       bishnurajs
H. Jamginmuan (Jr. Supdt.) 2160       muan
Jayanta Das (Sr. Assistant) 2156       das.jayanta
Mridushmita Sharma (Jr. Assistant) 2154       mridu.s
Bandita Sarma (Jr. Assistant) 2159       bandita
Bhaibyajit Borgohain (Jr. Assistant) 2156       bhaibya
Hemanta Changmai (Jr. Assistant) 2151       h.changmai007
Bhrigu kalita (Jr. Attendant) 2159       bhriguk

For making a direct phone call to any IITG Intercom Number: Dial 258 XXXX , where XXXX is the extension number.
For Telephone Complaints : 2915 (Academic & Admin Cplx),2906 (Residential Complex), 2909 (All Hostel & GH)