Centre for Educational Technology (CET)
  Office Res. E-mail (@iitg.ernet.in)
Ext Direct Ext Direct
Head, CET (Prof. Sunil Khijwania.) 3001 94351-93378 4416   hoccet
Subhajit Choudhury (AR) Officer- in-Charge, CET 3007       subhajit
CS Bhaskar Bora (TO Gr-II) 3005       csbb
Queen Barman TS 3008       queen
Kallal Barua JTS 3002       kallal
Swapan Debnath JS 3025       debnath_s
Arbinda Dewry JS 3025       a_dewry
Rekha Hazarika, JT 3024       rekha.hazarika
Kaushik Kr Sarma JT 3024       kaushik.sarma
Dibyajyoti Lahkar JT 3023       dibyajyoti
Bikash Jyoti Nath 3023       bikashnath
QIP Fax 3022        
Office 3025/3024/3023       cet
SPIU Office-1 (CET) 3010        
SPIU Office-II (CET) 3016        

For making a direct phone call to any IITG Intercom Number: Dial 258 XXXX , where XXXX is the extension number.
For Telephone Complaints : 2915 (Academic & Admin Cplx),2906 (Residential Complex), 2909 (All Hostel & GH)