Computer simulation techniques, such as the molecular dynamics, are essentially “Virtual experiments” capable of probing matter at the molecular level and at femtosecond time scales. Despite their utility in diverse areas of research, such as, physics, chemistry, materials science, biosciences, nanotechnology etc., the fundamental principles of atomistic simulation techniques are very simple, and in many cases executable in your laptop!

The objectives of this workshop are (i) to introduce the basic concepts of simulation techniques, (ii) their implementation, and (iii) demonstration of their applications to diverse areas of science. The "hands-on-sessions" are meticulously designed to guide you through the nitty-gritties of implementation using simple programs.

The workshop is intended for research scholars and faculty members from colleagues/institutes/universities.

Applicants from the North East and nearby regions of India would be given preference. For details please click on "Mapped Institutions" given under:

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