About The Course

This course will provide an overview of basic concepts of heterogeneous catalysts and novel catalysts such as supported bimetallic catalysts, metal nanoparticles and metal-encapsulated zeolites and other micro- and meso-porous materials in industrial perspective.  Bimetallic catalysts and zeolites are highly attractive catalysts industrially due to their unique properties. Bimetallics possess different electronic and geometric properties as compared to their single metal counterparts. Therefore, by tuning the composition of these bimetallics one can achieve highly active and cost effective catalysts. Metal encapsulated zeolite catalysts possess bifunctional characteristics which may help in conducting a series of reactions on a single catalyst by that way decreases the operational cost and capital cost. This course will elaborate on these concepts. This course also provides fundamental concepts and challenges of synthesis, characterization and application of the above catalysts.

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