Under the TEQIP-ll program sponsored by the MHRD IITs have been invited to participate by establishing a Centre dealing with KNOWLEDGE INCUBATION CELL (KIC) vide DO No. 16-25/2013-TS.VII dated 25th June 12013. These Centers are intended to become a focal point for training Faculty, Staff and students from TEQIP-II institutions in Knowledge Engineering, Content Creation, Improving Teaching, Pedagogy & administrative skills in identified niche areas/ disciplines.

About KIC

KIC- KNOWLEDGE INCUBATION CELL at IITG functions as a multi-disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary Innovation Incubation Centre with Knowledge Management as its focus. Its activities are in the area of improving quality of technical education, incubator of Innovative Ideas; implementer of contemporary pedagogy practices and development of Learning Content in Technical institutions.

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