Solid-State Circuits Group (SSCG), IITG

Current Research Topics

Noise canceling circuits

The mysterious thermal noise canceling circuits (LNAs) are in existence for more than a decade now. Puzzled by their mystery, we started analyzing these circuits and looked for similarities among them. Finally, we could understand the mystery. Now, developing some interesting circuits using what have learned.

N-path circuits beyond filtering

We are investigating new applications of N-path filters. So far, we could make a balun and a duplexer with N-path bandpass filters. Currently building narrow-band amplifiers using N-path bandpass filters.

Full-duplex radios

This is a SERB sponsored project. In this, we are investigating the CMOS compatible wide-band self interference canceling circuits for full-duplex radios. We have fabricated a chip already and testing it currently.