Course Information: 
                                HS 514    Agriculture and Rural Development  (3 1 0 8)

                                Even Semester of the academic year 2009-2010
                                Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
                                Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Significance of rural development; agrarian question; peasants, capitalism and paths of transformation; agriculture and rural development; Issues in agricultural development- new agricultural technology, tenancy, agricultural marketing; green revolution and appropriate technology; land reforms; agrarian systems and the state; agriculture and rural credit markets-micro-credit; WTO and agriculture; integrated rural development and government programmes; decentralization and participatory rural development.



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2. M. Morner, and T. Svensson, 1991. The Transformation of Rural Society in the Third World, London: Routledge

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1. M. P Todaro, and S.C. Smith, Economic Development, Pearson Education, 2003

2. G. M. Meir, and Rauch, E.James, 2003, Leading Issues in Economic Development, Oxford University Press

Class Timings and Classroom:
                            Tuesday:  9.00-10.55 a.m.
                            Wednesday: 10.00 - 10.55 a.m.
                            Thursday:   11.00-11.55 a.m.
                            Room Number: 1001  
Grading Policy:

                            Quiz/Assignments: 20 marks
                            Mid-semester examination: 30 marks
                            Final examination: 50 marks
                            Your grade will be based on your score out of these 100 marks.