Course Information: 
                                HS 505: Research Methods in Social Sciences   (3-1-0-8)

                                Even Semester of the academic year 2009-2010
                                Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
                                Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
               Scope and objectives of social research: Theory, facts, data; objectivity in social research; Research Design: Typologies of Research Design; formulation of research problem; hypothesis; Methods of Social Research: Quantitative research; questionnaire, schedule, survey, sampling, measurement; Qualitative research: Observation; interview method, case study, content analysis, PRA/PLA techniques; Analysis and Interpretation of Data: Quantative, Qualitiative, Statistical methods in social research, Report Writing.


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Class Timings and Classroom:
                             Monday:       11.00-11.55 a.m.
                             Thursday:     10.00-10.55a.m.
                             Friday:          11.00 a.m.-12.55 p.m.
                             Room Number: 1001

Grading Policy:

                            Quiz/Assignments: 20 marks
                            Mid-semester examination: 30 marks
                            Final examination: 50 marks
                            Your grade will be based on your score out of these 100 marks.