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  • MA002 Preparatory Mathematics - II

UG (B.Tech. and M.Sc.):

  • MA101 Mathematics - I
  • MA102 Mathematics - II
  • MA201 Mathematics - III
  • MA224/MA211M Real Analysis (for B.Tech. M&C/ B.Tech.Minor)
  • MA521/541 Real Analysis (for M.Sc. M&C)
  • MA542 Differential Equations
  • MA543 Functional Analysis (First Part)
  • MA545 Complex Dynamics and Fractals
  • MA547 Complex Analysis
  • MA549 Topology
  • MA501* Discrete Mathematics (for M.Sc. M&C in 2000)
  • CS201  Discrete Mathematics (at IIT Rajasthan for B.Tech. CSE)

PG (M.Tech. and Ph.D.):

  • MA501 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (for M.Tech.)
  • MA741 Real and Complex Analysis (for Ph.D.)
  • MA741* Advanced Complex Analysis (for Ph.D.)
  • MA742 Iteration Theory (for Ph.D.)


Presently Teaching: (January - May 2018)


MA642 Real Analysis


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