MA201 Mathematics-III

Odd Semester of AY 2017-2018







Attendance in all classes (Lectures and Tutorials) of MA201 is mandatory for all students including backlogger students.


If your attendance in MA201 course falls below 75% then you will NOT be allowed to appear for end semester examination and you will be awarded F-Grade in MA201.


In the classes, either the attendance sheet or finger print biometric device will be circulated for marking attendance.  It is the responsibility of the students to sign on the attendance sheet or to mark their attendance in the biometric devices.   There will not be any excuse for not marking attendance because of not getting attendance sheet or biometric devices within class hour.



The class attendance component has a weightage of 5 marks and it will be awarded as per the following table.


Your Attendance (A) in %


95 < A <= 100


90 < A <=95


85 < A <=90


80 < A <=85


75 < A <=80


A < 70

0 and F-Grade