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 World Health Day 2020

" Please Stay at Home, Stay protected from COVID-19"



As we fight the Corona invasion the "World Health Day 2020" and its relevance is more felt with every passing second of the lockdown. The basic idea for 2020 as proposed by World Health Organisation (WHO) is to honor the contribution of nurses and midwives, recognizing their important role in keeping the world healthy and free from diseases. Nurses and other health workers are at the combat zones of COVID-19 response, putting their own health at risk to protect the community at large. More than two-thirds of the health workforce in the WHO Western Pacific Region, nurses are critical in responding to health needs in all aspects and across the lifecycle of human race.

In the 2020 International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, the World Health Day is an opportunity to highlight the work of nursing and midwifery around the globe, while celebrating this workforce as one of the most valuable resources of every country. We salute their work and dedication in this horrid time as they are taking pain in their strides to make our self secure and reside in our comfort zone.

"Our fight against Corona continues as we shall overcome one day"

-Dr. Anuj Kumar Baruah, MD (Internal Medicine), DFID

Chief Medical Officer (SAG)& HOS Medical Section

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