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**Please treat this information as very important. Kindly follow the "instructions" carefully as given below before sending your request.  

As part of the social distancing measure for fighting against COVID-19 a special e-mail viz. "med_refill@iitg.ac.in" has been activated w.e.f. 1st MAY 2020. Through this e-mail you can place your requisition for medicines prescribed for treatment of chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disorder, lipid disorder e.t.c.. However, this is a temporary measure taken for the ongoing pandemic.
This email is meant for those patients who are now left with medicines (continuing/ regular medicines) for 05-06 days only which are used in treatment of the above mentioned ailments.
Please do not order for the same if you have sufficient number of doses of the these medicines at home say for 30 days.
**What to do: Please specifically mention in your e-mail
(1) Name of the patient/s
(2) Medical Book number
(3) Emp no./roll no.
(4)Name of the medicine(s) required for the patient. (please remember to send an attachment of the latest prescription suggesting those required medicines as mentioned in the Medical Record Book)
(5) Residential Address
(6) Contact no.
Your requisition will be processed during the OPD hours on next working day only. So, after processing, you can collect your prescription and medicines as per its availability from 11 AM to 7 PM, only on weekdays. This collection will not be allowed on Saturdays, Sundays and other Institute holidays.

**Things to remember:
(1) Please bring your medical record booklet/s while visiting the hospital.
(2) Please maintain all social distancing measures while coming to the hospital for fetching the medicines.
(3) Always use face mask/cover while visiting the hospital to protect yourself and others.
(4) Only one attendant will be allowed (if at all necessary) with one patient.

Important Announcement:

*This is a kind request to all that any patient suffering from Fever with flu like symptoms/loose motion are advised to contact Registration Counter of IITG Hospital at 2099/5555 first and then inform their Name, Employee no, phone number and Qtr No.

*Our doctors will communicate with the concerned patients and provide the consultation and advice. If necessary doctor will advice to come to the hospital.




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