Department of Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Sponsored Research Projects

Faculty members of the department are actively engaged in research and development works. A number of sponsored research projects are being investigated in the department.

Principal Investigator Title Funding Agency Amount (in Lakhs) Duration CO-PIs
Dr. K.S.R. Krishna Murthy 3D finite element simulations of fatigue crack growth in gas turbine disk Gas Turbine Research Establishment, R&D, Ministry of Defence 16.4022 2015-2017 Dr. D. Chakraborty
Dr. M. Ravi Sankar Nano Finishing of high aspect ratio Micro holes using Abrasive Flow Finishing (AFF) Process DEPARTMENT OF ATOMIC ENERGY (DAE), BOARD OF RESEARCH IN NUCLEAR SCIENCES (BRNS) 26.125 2015-2017
Dr. U.S. Dixit Modeling of Advanced Materials for Simulation of Transformative manufacturing processes DST-EPSRC 20.936 2015-2017
Dr. S. Kanagaraj Fabrication and characterization of the next generation material for articulating surface in total joint replacements using medical grade UHMWPE reinforced with nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite and single walled carbon nanotubes SERB, DST 47.3 2015-2018 Prof.Bikramjit Basu, IISc Bangalore and Dr.D.C.Sundaresh, M S Ramaiah Medical College & Hospitals, Bangalore
Dr. P. K. Mondal Combined Influences of Electromagnetic effect and Surface wettability on the Contact Line Dynamics of Immiscible Fluids in a Microfluidic Channel IIT Guwahati 5 2015-2017
Dr. Niranjan Sahoo Calibration Methods of High Frequency Thermal Sensors for Localized Temperature and Heat Flux Measurements in Gas Turbine and Internal Combustion Engine Application ARDB 34.98 2015-2017 Dr. Vinayak Kulkarni
Dr. S. Kanagaraj Development of a single station hip joint wear simulator for simulated in vivo characterization of acetabulum cups SERB, DST 43.4 2014-2017 Dr. S. Senthilvelan
Dr. A. Dalal Development of a General Purpose CFD Solver over a Hybrid Unstructured Grid BRNS 300.88 2013-2018 Dr. G. Natarajan

Principal Investigator Title Funding Agency Amount (in Lakhs) Duration CO-PIs
Dr. S. D. Kore Design and Development of Manually Operated Equipments for Bamboo Stripes Manufacturing Scheme for Young Scientists & Technologist (SYST), SEED, DST 12.57 2015-2016 Dr. Sangamesh Deepak
Dr. U.S. Dixit Estimation of temperature distribution in laser welding DRDL, Hyderabad 9.7 2015-2016 Dr. P. Biswas
Dr. S. Senthilvelan Studies on Premature Failure of Thordon Bearings NIRDESH( National Insitute of R & D in Defence Ship Building) 8.1 2015-2016 Dr S Kanagaraj
Dr. S. Kanagaraj Thermal insulation material in lieu of ceramic wool NIRDESH 8.9672 2015-2016 Dr. S.Senthilvelan
Dr. S. D. Kore Manufacturing of Hand Tools, Dies and Fixtures for Bamboo Stripes RuTAG, NE, IITG 1 2014-2015
Dr. Poonam Kumari Development of three-dimensional solutions for piezoelectric plates IIT Guwahati 5 2014-2016
Dr. Niranjan Sahoo Laser based Calibration Methodology for Thermal Sensors in Combustion Measurements DRDO 12.4 2014-2016 Dr. Vinayak Kulkarni
Dr. D. N. Basu Analysis of Supercritical Natural Circulation Loops with Water and Carbon Dioxide as Working Medium DST 9.46 2013-2016
Dr. K. Kalita Design and Development of a Controller for Bridge Configured Winding based Bearing-less Motor DIT 90 2013-2016
Dr. V. Kulkarni Design development and performance assessment of variable compression engine DST 18.05 2013-2015
Dr. D. N. Basu Development and Experimental Characterization of a Supercritical Natural Circulation Loop Considering Steady-state and Stability Aspects IITG 5 2013-2015
Dr. V. Kulkarni Development of a conjugate heat transfer solver for hypersonic applications ARDB 10.63 2013-2015 Dr. N. Sahoo, Dr. G. Natarajan
Dr. D. Sharma Development of High Performance Computing Tool For Structure Topology Optimization Using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm SERB 12.12 2013-2016
Dr. S. D. Kore Electromagnetic Shearing of tubes DST 18.5 2013-2016
Dr. S. Bag Experimental investigation and numerical modeling of plasma micro welding for similar type materials SERB 22.2 2013-2016
Dr. V. Kulkarni Feasibility Studies of Generating Electric Power using Helical Water Turbine APGCL 27.2 2013-2015 Dr. U. K. Saha E et al.
Dr. S. N. Joshi Improving productivity and product quality in machining of thin-walled components DST 37.9 2013-2015
Dr. A. Dalal Numerical Modeling of All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery DST 16.08 2013-2016
Dr. P. Mahanta Small-scale Anaerobic Digestion? under the Rural Hybrid Energy-Enterprise Systems DST 82.684 2013-2016 Dr. P. S. Robi et al.
Dr. S. S. Gautam Development of Computational Algorithms for Dynamic Adhesive Contact Problems IIT Guwahati 5 2013-2016
Dr. S. K. Dwivedy Walking Apparatus: Concept Validation, Feasibility, Prototyping & Testing MEIT 95 2012-2014 Dr. P. S. Robi/H B Nemade(EEE)
Dr. N. Sahoo Shock Tube Development and Verification of Capabilities of Existing Correlation for Stagnation Point Heat Transfer rate ARDB 16.043 2012-2014 Dr. V. Kulkarni
Rural Hybrid Energy Enterprise Systems (RHEES India), Sub Project title ?Small-scale Anaerobic Digestion DST 90 2012-2015 Dr. K. Kalita
Dr. S. K. Kakoty Poverty Alleivation through Mechanization of spawn production of mushroom North East Council, Shillong 36.96 2012-2014
Dr. D. Sharma Parallel Computing Tool for Structural Optimization of Mechanical Components using Evolutionary Algorithm IITG 5 2012-2014
Dr. S. Panda Active control of harmonically excited nonlinear vibrations of functionally graded cylindrical shells using PFRC constrained layer damping treatment SERB 10.32 2012-2015
Dr. K. Kalita Active Vibration Control in Electrical Machines using Built-in Actuator DST 35 2012-2015
Dr. S. C. Mishra Analysis of the Combined Mode Heat Transfer in Complex Materials Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University 0 2012-2013 Dr. Shigenao Maruyama
Dr. N. Reddy Application of topology optimization to compliant switches and inverse boundary value problem, IITG 5 2012-2014
Dr. P. Mahanta Building Global engagements in research (energy)- EPSRC funded-2 years EPSRC 4.326 2012-2014
Dr. M. Ravi Shankar Design and Development of Micro Abrasive Flow Finishing Process IITG 5 2012-2014
Dr. A. Banerjee Design and Development of Shape Memory Alloy Actuated Flexible Endoscope for Diagnosis and Surgery DBT 57 2012-2015 Dr. K. Kalita
Dr. P. Mahanta Design of 25kWe circulating fluidized bed unit CPRI 35 2012-2015
Dr. S. Kanagaraj Developing light weight, durable and user friendly artificial limbs through Nanotechnology-based modification of conventional materials and optimizing mechanical component design for enhancing their functional performance DBT 56.87 2012-2015
Dr. H. Gadgil Development of Experimental Facility for Flow Visualization of Fuel Sprays and Two-phase Flows IITG 5 2012-2014
Dr. S. Pal Development of Monitoring System for Friction Stir Welding DST 9.24 2012-2015
Dr. S. K. Dwivedy Development of Remote triggered Virtual Robotics Lab MHRD 55.4 2012-2014
Dr. P. Muthukumar Development of thermal energy storage systems for solar thermal power plant DST 128 2012-2014
Dr. P. Mahanta FP7 Project iComFluid under Marie Curie Action ?International Research Staff Exchage Scheme?, IRSES (FP7_PEOPLE-2012-IRSES, Project No. 212261)- EU 0 2012-2016
Dr. A. Banerjee Modeling and active control of SMA actuators DST 17 2012-2015
Dr. M. Das Nano finishing of Freeform Surfaces using magneto rheological Fluid-based Finishing (MRFF) Process DST 41 2012-2015
Dr. M. Das Nano finishing using Magneto rheological Finishing (MRF) Technique IITG 5 2012-2014
Dr. A. K. De Numerical investigation of turbulent rotating Rayleigh-Bernard convection in a cylindrical cell DST 10.5 2012-2015
Dr. S. Kanagaraj Development of Copper (Cu) Carbon Nanomaterial (CN) based nanocomposite formulations for heat recovery in different processes in a steel plant Steel Development Fund, Ministry of Steel, India, and M/s Tata Steel, Jamshedpur 336 2012-2015 Dr.S. Ramaprabhu, Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Dr. Prathab Baskar and Dr. Sumitesh Das, Chief, R&D division, Tata Steel, Jamshedpur
Dr. U. K. Saha Utilization of Bio-waste for Generating Power in Diesel Engines DRDO 9.91 2011-2014 Dr. N. Sahoo
Dr. R. G. Narayanan UKIERI travel grant under thematic partnership in low carbon materials technologies, innovations, and applications UKIERI 2.2 2011-2014 India Lead: Prof. Madhusudhan Chakraborty, IIT Bhubaneshwar; UK Lead: Prof. Richard Dashwood, University of Warwick, UK
Dr. P. Biswas Preparation of Lab Manual for strength of material Lab of Mechanical Engineering Department IITG 0 2011-2012 Dr. K. S. R. K. Murthy
Dr. G. Natarajan Numerical simulations of unsteady, incompressible viscous flows using a Finite Volume-Immersed Boundary approach IITG 5 2011-2013
Dr. P. Biswas Numerical and Experimental Study on Residual Stress and Distortion Control of Welded Structures IITG 5 2011-2013
Dr. S. N. Joshi Mechanization of FCI Godown Operations FCI 34.25 2011-2013 Dr. S. D. Kore
Dr. S. Bag Development of turbulent transport model in autogeneous fusion welding process IITG 5 2011-2013
Dr. M. Pandey Development of a 1-D Thermal Hydraulic Code for AERB 12 2011-2014
Dr. P. Mahanta Design of a 25 kWe Pressurized Circulating Fluidized Bed Unit CPRI 35.7 2011-2014 Dr. U. K. Saha, Dr. P. Kalita
Dr. P. Mahanta Design and Development of Digester for Utilization of Lignocellulosic Waste for Biogas Production DRL Tezpur 9.5 2011-2014
Dr. P. Mahanta Design and Development of Compact Cistern System for Blackwater Reutilization DRL Tezpur 4.98 2011-2013
Dr. K. S. R. K. Murthy Application of goal-oriented a posteriori error estimation procedures for the accurate computation of mode I stress intensity factors ARDB 6.826 2011-2013
Dr. A. Banerjee Theoretical and Experimental Study of Shape Memory Alloy Wire Actuated Compliant Links IITG 5 2010-2012
Dr. S. Panda Smart damping of geometrically nonlinear vibrations of functionally graded panels under thermal environment using piezoelectric fibre reinforced composites IITG 5 2010-2012
Dr. S. Kanagaraj Preparation and characterization of nanofluid to reduce the emission level in a diesel engine DST 18.3 2010-2013
Dr. S. D. Kore Numerical modeling of impact behavior of electromagnetic welding of sheets IITG 5 2010-2012
Dr. A. Dalal Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Immiscible Droplet in Micro-channels IITG 5 2010-2012
Dr. R. G. Narayanan Forming behavior of Friction Stir welded blanks made of dissimilar materials ARDB 31.09 2010-2013 Dr. Satish V. Kailas, IISc Bangalore
Dr. S. Kanagaraj Feasibility studies on carbon nanotubes/ ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene nanocomposites for total joint replacements DST 25.5131 2010-2012
Dr. D. Bandopadhya Fabrication of Cost-effective IPMC actuator as artificial muscle materials for biomedical prosthetic application DST 18.5 2010-2013
Dr. K. Kalita Extracting Instantaneous Rotor Field Information for Active Vibration Control of Induction Machines IITG 7 2010-2012
Dr. S. N. Joshi Experimental analysis of single spark EDM craters IITG 5 2010-2012
Dr. S. Pal Development of artificial intelligence based monitoring technique for arc welding application IITG 5 2010-2013
Dr. U. K. Saha Development and Analysis of Twisted Two-bladed, Two-stage Savonius Rotor for Power Generation ADnENERGY 8.83 2010-2012 Dr. N. Sahoo, Dr. P. Mahanta, Mr. D. Bhagabati
Dr. U. K. Saha Design and performance Analysis of Twisted Two-bladed, Two-stage Savonius Rotor for 500W Power Generation ADnEnergy 10.632 2010-2012 Dr. N. Sahoo
Dr. S. C. Mishra Non-Fourier Heat Transfer in Complex Materials Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University 0 2009-2011 Dr. Shigenao Maruyama
Dr. P. P. Date Exploratory studies on electromagnetic welding of tubes ARDB 0 2009-2012 Dr. S. D. Kore, Dr. S. V. Kulkarni
Dr. U. S. Dixit DST FIST DST 276 2009-2014 Dr. R. G. Narayanan
Dr. A. K. De Direct Numerical Simulations of turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection: Dynamics of large-scale flow and rotational effects IITG 5 2009-2012
Dr. V. Kulkarni Development of high sensitivity, low cost thin film sensors for heat transfer rate measurement in high speed fluid flows IITG 4.6 2009-2011
Dr. R. Tiwari Development & Deployment of a Virtual Mechanical Vibration Laboratory MHRD 103 2009-2014
Dr. N. Sahoo Design, Development and Performance Evaluation of Stress Wave Force Balances for Aerospace Applications DST 14.4 2009-2012
Dr. D. Bandopadhya Design and Development of an Active Compliant Mechanism for Micromanipulation IITG 5 2009-2011
Dr. M. Pandey Computation of Unsteady Steam-Water Flow and Supercritical AERB 4.6 2009-2010 Dr. P. Mahanta
Dr. K. S. R. K. Murthy An investigation of strain gage method for accurate measurement of the stress intensity factors NRB 19 2009-2012 Dr. D. Chakraborty
Dr. K. Kalita Extracting Instantaneous Rotor Field Information for Active Vibration Control of Electrical Machines The University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK 0 2008-2010
Dr. R. G. Narayanan Forming behavior of Friction Stir Welded blanks SERC, DST, India 16.8 2008-2011
Dr. P. Mahanta Modelling and computation of three dimensional turbulent convective heat transfer for design of energy efficient pin heat exchanger DST 10 2008-2011
Dr. P. Muthukumar Numerical and Experimental Analysis for the Development of a Metal Hydride Based Hydrogen Energy Storage ????? MNRE 33.45 2008-2012 Dr. S. C. Mishra
Dr. P. Mahanta Synthesis of green transportation fuels (Biomass gasification integrated FitcherTropsch) MNRE 29 2008-2012
Dr. R. G. Narayanan Evaluating the tensile properties of Zircaloy 4 material AERB 9 2008-2011 Dr. U. S. Dixit
Dr. S. C. Mishra Development of an Efficient Parallel Code for Large-Scale Radiation Modeling DST,MAE 0 2008-2010 Dr. Romano Borchiellini
Dr. P. Mahanta Design, development and commercialization of pilot scale circulating fluidized bed ( CFB ) gasifier MNRE 63 2008-2012
Dr. S. Senthilvelan Design Development and Performance Evaluation of Asymmetric Composite Gears DST 19.8 2008-2011
Dr. P. Mahanta Building Global Engagements at University of Nottingham for Research Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) 4.326 2008-2010
Dr. P. Mahanta Biomass gasification with fluidized bed MNRE 35 2008-2011
Dr. S. C. Mishra Design and Development of Kerosene stove with porous burner PCRA 9.94 2007-2009 Dr. P. Muthukumar
Dr. S. Senthilvelan Design Development and Performance Evaluation of Self-Lubricated Cutting Tools for High Speed Machining ARDB 14.01 2007-2010 Dr. P. S. Robi
Dr. P. Muthukumar Development of a metal hydride based thermal energy storage systems. DST 10.02 2007-2011
Dr. S. C. Mishra Porous Radiant Burners for LPG Cooking Stove PCRA 9.94 2007-2009 Dr. P. Muthukumar
Dr. S. Kanagaraj Studies on heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids under horizontal, vertical and inclined flow conditions Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia (FCT), Portugal 85 2007-2011
Dr. P. Mahanta Biogas development and training centre for the north eastern region MNRE, New Delhi 60 2006-2013
Dr. P. Mahanta Development of a multi-fuel cooking stove PCRA 2.6 2006-2008
Dr. R. Tiwari Development of a New Technique for Experimental Identification of Beam Crack Parameters Aeronautical R&D Board, Structural Panel 13 2006-2010
Dr. S. C. Mishra Development of Model to Calculate Radiative Heat Transfer in Fuel Channel of PHWRs AERB 5 2006-2008 Dr. P. Mahanta
Dr. M. Pandey Investigation of Instabilities and Nonlinear Dynamics of Advanced Heavy Water Reactor AERB 5.6 2006-2008
Dr. S. K. Kakoty Rural Technology Action Group - North-East Principal Scientific Adviser to the Govt. of India 80 2006-2013
Dr. S. C. Mishra Thermal Analysis of a Graphite Heating Chamber DRDL 9.96 2006-2009 Dr. R. Uppaluri
Dr. S. Kanagaraj Melt processing multi-walled carbon nanotube/high density polyethylene (CNT/HDPE) for orthopaedic implants Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia (FCT), Portugal 0 2005-2008
Dr. A. Srinivasan Preparation of Bioactive glass ceramics BRNS-DAE 14.5 2005-2007 Dr. P. S. Robi
Dr. A. Srinivasan MEMS design center, A.Srinivasan NPSM 12 2004-2006 Dr. P. S. Robi
Dr. M. Pandey Development of dedicated facility for the study of clean coal technology using circulating fluidized beds MHRD 7 2003-2005 Dr. S.V. Prabhu
Dr. R. Tiwari Computer Aided Analysis of High Speed Rolling Element Bearings Based on Elasto-Hydrodynamic Lubrication Theory. ARDB 5 2003-2006
Dr. U. S. Dixit, Dr. A. K. Dass Design and development of five-speed automated manual transmission for a mid-sized car MHRD 7 2003-2005 Dr. S. K. Kakoty
Dr. S. K. Dwivedy Design Fabrication and Control of flexible manipulators DST 5.5 2003-2005 Dr. U. S. Dixit
Dr. P. Mahanta Earth radiation budget ISRO 10 2003-2006
Dr. S. C. Mishra Estimation of Earth Radiation Budget??? ISRO 0 2003-2006 Dr. P. Mahanta
Dr. U. K. Saha Setting up of Technical Backup Unit at IITG for R & D Interface with Khadi and Village Industries Sector KVIC 26.7 2003-2008 RP, ADS, SKK
Dr. Manab K. Das Computation of Two Dimensional Incompressible Viscous Flow through Cascade ARDB 4.22 2002-2004 Dr. U. K. Saha
Dr. U. K. Saha Design and Development of a High Performance Biogas Digester for the N-E Region of India MNRE 18.9 2002-2005 Dr. P. Mahanta, Dr. A. K. De
Dr. S. K. Kakoty Design of Mechatronic wheelchair with modular features Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment 4.25 2002-2003 Dr. U. S. Dixit
Dr. P. S. Robi Development of Twin roll casting technique for manufacture of thin section casting DST 12.3 2002-2005
Dr. S. K. Dwivedy Development of an adaptive P-refinement scheme for Finite element analysis ADA 8.25 2001-2004 Dr. U. S. Dixit
Dr. R. Tiwari Computer Aided Analysis of High Speed Ball and Roller Bearings ARDB 7.4 2000-2003
Dr. M. Pandey Computation of process parameters of bubbling fluidized bed boiler L&T 3.5 1999-2000
Dr. A. Srinivasan Development of a new generation spark plug electrode material MHRD 5 1999-2001 Dr. P. S. Robi
Dr. S. C. Mishra Generalized Monte Carlo Solution Technique for Radiative Heat Transfer Problems in General Diffuse Gray Cartesian Enclosures with Absorbing-Emitting-Scattering Media DST 0 1999-2002
Dr. P. S. Robi Preparation and characterization of Ru-Al alloys for special applications ISRO 9.5 1999-2005 Dr. A. Srinivasan
Dr. M. Pandey Simulation of the natural circulation system of bubbling fluidised bed boiler, in-house project L&T 3.5 1998-1999
Dr. M. Pandey Dynamic simulation of heat recovery steam generator L&T 7 1997-1998 Dr. V.P. Khare
Dr. R. Tiwari Development of Modal Testing Facility MHRD 16 1996-1997
Dr. R. Tiwari Dynamic Vibration Absorber MHRD 1.3 1996-1997