Department of Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Turbo Machinery Laboratory

Laboratory Incharge:
Dr. G. Natarajan
Email: n.ganesh[at]iitg.ac.in
Phone: +91 361 2582685
Scientific Officer:
Mr. Rituraj Saikia
Email: rsaikia@iitg.ac.in
Technical Staff:
Mr. Nip Borah
Email: nip@iitg.ac.in

Experiments Performed:

This lab has different table-top model of pumps and turbines where students can study the performance characteristics of those machines. Students can strengthen their basic understandings of working and applications of these machines.

They can study different types of pumps such as rotodynamic as well as positive displacement, different types of pump such as impulse and reaction turbine etc. Moreover use of sensor in measuring many mechanical parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature, torane, r.p.m. and the acquisition of data in those set-up impart a practical knowledge to the students for designing any experimental set-up.

In Turbo machinery laboratory, we have following computer interfaced set-ups for carrying out experiments:

  1. Capture water turbine Demonstration Unit. [FM3SU. Make: Armfield]
  2. Propeller Turbine Demonstration Unit. [FM33, Make: Armfield]
  3. Plunger pump Demonstration Unit. [FM23 , Make: Armfield].
  4. Series and parallel Pump Demonstration Unit. [FM21, Make: Armfield]
  5. Gear Pump demonstration Unit [Make: Armfield]

Capture Water Turbine Demonstration Unit

Description: The FM Service unite is an essential accessory designed to allow self contained operation of the Armfield Turbines FM31, FM32. It has two demonstration set up one is Pelton turbine (FM32) and another is Radial Flow reaction Turbine (FM31). The unit consists of a clear acrylic reservoir, a circulating pump and associated pipe work.

The main objective of these turbines are:

  • To study the characteristics of a Turbine
  • Comparisons of performances between Nozzles and throttle valves.

Make: Armfield.

Propeller Turbine Demonstration Unit

Description: The FM33 Propeller Turbine Demonstration Unit is supplied with its own integral floor standing, self contained service unit, consisting of a circulating pump and associated pipe work. The main objective of the unit is to study the characteristics curves for a propeller turbine operating at a range of fluid flow rates.

Make: Armfield.

Plunger pump Demonstration Unit

Description: The FM23 Plunger pump demonstration unit is a positive displacement reciprocating machine. It is supplied with a plunger pump driven by a electric motor mounted on a support plinth together with a acrylic reservoir and a clear volumetric tank and associated pipe work. The main objective of the Demonstration unit is to to study the characteristics curves, obtain the P-V indicator diagram and to show how the volumetric efficiency changes with different system characteristics.

Make: Armfield.

Series and Parallel Pump Demonstration Unit

Description: The FM21 series and parallel pump demonstration unit comprises two identical centrifugal water pumps driven by electric motors mounted on a support plinth together with a acrylic reservoir and associated interconnecting pipe work for continuous circulation.

The objectives of this experiment are:

  • To obtain a head flow curves for a centrifugal pump operating at inherent speed.
  • To obtain head flow curves at  a range of pump speed.
  • To check the operating characteristics of two pumps running in a parallel or series.

Make: Armfield.