Department of Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Strength of Materials Laboratory

Laboratory Incharge:
Dr. D. Chakraborty
Email: chakra[at]iitg.ac.in
Phone: +91 361 2582666
Scientific Officer:
Mr. Rituraj Saikia
Email: rsaikia@iitg.ac.in
Technical Staff:
Mr. Sanjib Sarma
Email: sanjib.s@iitg.ac.in


  1. Application for testing samples in this lab
  2. Application for working on project equpiment in this lab

Following are the machines/equipments in this lab:

  1. Digitally controlled closed loop Servo Hydraulic 100 KN Dynamic Testing Machine.
  2. Universal Testing Machine UTE-20.
  3. Impact Tester, IT-30.
  4. Torsion Testor, TTE-10.
  5. Rockwell Hardness Tester.
  6. Brinell Hardness Tester.
  7. Vickers Hardness Tester, VM-50.
  8. 12” Diffused Light Research Polariscope.
  9. Strain Measurement Module.
  10. Fatigue Testing machine, FTG 8(D).
  11. Bending Stress in a Beam, STR 5.
  12. Thin Cylinder, SM 1007.
  13. Buckling of Struts, STR12.
  14. Pillar Drill Machine.
  15. Jigsaw machine.
  16. NI PXi-1052, PXI/SCXI combination chassis.
  17. RS 232 to RS 485 covnerter, Model: I-7520
  18. Servo Controller Electronic Universal Testing Machine.

Digitally controlled closed loop Servo Hydraulic 100 KN Dynamic Testing Machine

Description: This machine is used to perform dynamic or static tests on materials such as ensile, compression, bend, creep, fatigue, DaDn, JIC, KIC. It is controlled digitally and has a furnace attached to it which can be used for tests at elevated temperatures. The maximum temperature that the furnace can provide is 1400 degree C.

Make: INSTRON, Model 8801.

Universal Testing Machine UTE-20

Description: This machine is used to perform tensile, compression, shear and bend test. It operates on hydraulic loading and can be controlled manually. The maximum load attainable is 200kN and maximum displacement is 200mm. It also has a load stabilizer that can be used to apply a constant load for a period of three minutes.

Make: FIE.

Impact Tester, IT-30

Description: This is used to study the toughness or energy absorbing properties of various materials under two types of impact tests i.e. Izod and Charpy impact tests.

Make: FIE.

Torsion Testor, TTE-10

Description: This tester is used to obtain twisting moment-twist relationship of a specimen and to determine shear modulus G, yield stress τy in pure shear, experimental ultimate torque.

Make: FIE.

Rockwell Hardness Tester

Description: Rockwell hardness tester is used to determine the Rockwell hardness of materials. Provisions to apply a major load of 60kgf, 100kgf and 150kgf are available in this machine. Both diamond and steel ball indenter can be fitted in this machine It directly calculates the Rockwell hardness value upon completion of the test.

Make: FIE.

Brinell Hardness Tester

Description: To determine the brinell hardness of materials. The maximum and minimum load that can be used for testing in this machine is 3000kgf and 250kgf respectively with steps of 250kgf. Hardened steel ball indenters of 10 and 5mm diameter can be used for making indents in this machine.

Make: FIE.

Vickers Hardness Tester, VM-50

Description: This is used to determine the Vickers hardness of materials. A maximum of 50kgf and a minimum of 1kgf load can be applied for the test with a diamond indenter.

Make: FIE.

12" Diffused Light Research Polariscope

Description: This equipment is used to view and measure the principal stress components and directions of principal stresses by the photoelastic method for the plane stress condition at any given point in a photoelastic sample.

Make: Raste Enterprises.

Strain Measurement Module

Description: To provide experimental evidence to the elementary beam theory with the help of a cantilever beam apparatus by measuring the strains using strain gages and compare them with the theoretical results.

Make: A. G. Measurematics.

Fatigue Testing machine, FTG 8(D)

Description: To study the fatigue failure of materials.

Make: Fine Testing Machines.

Bending Stress in a Beam, STR 5

Description: To compare the zero stress position with the theoretical position of the neutral axis in a beam by applying increasing force to it and measuring the resulting strain.

Make: TecQuipment.

Thin Cylinder, SM 1007

Description: To show the linearity of the strain gauges in the open end condition in a thin cylinder, to find the hoop stress and strain relationship for the cylinder material and to find the longitudinal and hoop strain relationship.

Make: TecQuipment.

Buckling of Struts, STR12

Description: To determine the Euler buckling load experimentally and compare it to the Euler theory. Also to study the effect of end conditions on the buckling load.

Make: TecQuipment.

Pillar Drill Machine

Description: The machine is used for drilling works.

Make: BOSCH.

Jigsaw machine

Description: Used for sawing of materials.

Make: BOSCH.

NI PXi-1052, PXI/SCXI combination chassis

Description: The Machine has the the following modules and accessories:

  • NI PXI 8187
  • NI PXI 6052 and NI DAQ
  • SCXI 1324. SCXI 1520 8 channel universal strain/bridge module
  • SCXI 1102, 32 channel thermocouple amplifier signal conditioning module with millivolt, volt and current inputs.
  • SCXI 1300 general purpose screw terminal block
  • SCXI front filler panel
  • PXI Chassis filler panel kit.

The equipment is used for data aqquisition purpose.

Make: National Instruments.

RS 232 to RS 485 covnerter

Description: The equipment is used for data acquisition purpose.

  1. Analog Input module I-7017
  2. Strain gauge input module I-7016


Servo Controller Electronic Universal Testing Machine


  • Maximum Load: 1000 kN
  • Measuring Range : 0-1000 kN
  • Load Accuracy: + 1%
  • Load Range in with accuracy of measurement + 1% : 20-1000kN
  • Resolution of Piston Movement: 0.01 mm
  • Tensile clearance at fully descended piston position: 50-850 mm
  • Clearance for Compression test at fully descended working piston: 0-850 mm
  • Clearance between columns: 750 mm
  • Ram Stroke: 250 mm
  • Maximum straining speed at no load: 100 mm/min
  • Control Modes: The machine has manual control, load rate control, elongation rate control, load hold mode, strain rate control
  • Power Supply: As per the Indian Standards
  • Columns type: Motor driven threaded columns
  • Control Valves: Motorized control valve