Department of Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Instrumentation and Control Laboratory

Laboratory Incharge:
Dr. S. Panda
Email: spanda[at]iitg.ac.in
Phone: +91 361 2582664
Scientific Officer:
Mr. D J Bordoloi
Email: @iitg.ac.in
Technical Staff:
Mr. Monoranjan Duarah
Email: monudh@iitg.ac.in

Following are the machines/equipments in this Laboratory:

  1. Hydraulic Dead Weight Tester. [Make: Pressurements, UK]
  2. Industrial Amplified Pressure Transducer. [Make: Druck]
  3. SCXI-1102: 32 channel analog input module: SCXI 1121:4
  4. 3.5-Digit Handheld multimeter, 6.5 Digit Digital multimeter
  5. Type Thermocouple wire
  6. Strain Gauges
  7. Non-Contact Temperature Indicator
  8. DC Power supply
  9. DC motor: 1.5hp. Thyristor based controller for 0.5 hp dc motor. Thyristor based controller for 1.5 hp dc motor.
  10. Variac, 4 amp. Variac, 6 amp/li>
  11. Rotameter, 0-50 lpm rating, ½” NP for water. Rotameter, 0-50 lpm rating, 1”NP for water. Rotameter, 0-50 lmp rating, ½”NP for air. Rotameter, 0-50 lmp rating, 1”NP for air.
  12. E-Type thermocouple, 26-28 gauge dia. – 100 mtrs. K-Type thermocouple, 26-28 gauge dia. – 100mtrs. J-Type thermocouple, 26-28 gauge dia. – 100 m T-Type thermocouple, 26-28 gauge dia. – 100 mtrs. E-Type thermocouple, 2.0m dia. – 10 m; Flexible heater tapes, 1000 W rating – 10 m.
  13. Temperature indicator with 4 digit readout suitable for RTD.
  14. Eurotherm make, microprocessor based, programmable temperature indicator.
  15. DC motor, 1.0 hp. Thyristor based controller for 1.0 hp d.c motor.
  16. 2 Analog and 16 digital 100-MHz mixed storage oscilloscope.
  17. Pitot probe: ¾ inch size. Piptot probe: 3/16 inch size. Pitot probe: 1/8 inch size.
  18. Julabo Refrigerated and heating circulator.
  19. Pressure gausses. 0-1 bar. 0-10 bar. 0-40 bar.
  20. Strain Gauge resistance.
  21. PXI 8186 controller, PXI 4472 analog input module, SCXI 1520 strain gauss module, PXI 6070E multi function i/o module, PXI 6733 wave for output module
  22. Twin rotor mimo system.

Hydraulic Dead Weight Tester

Description: To calibrate the pressure transducer/ gauge.

Make: Pressurements, UK.

DC Power supply

Description: To supply DC power.


Julabo Refrigerated and heating circulator



Twin rotor mimo system

Description:For controlling of twin rotor.