Department of Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory

Laboratory Incharge:
Dr. S. N. Joshi
Email: snj[at]iitg.ac.in
Phone: +91 361 2582678
Scientific Officer:
Mr. Pranjol Paul
Email: pranjol@iitg.ac.in
Technical Staff:
Mr. Jiten Basumatrary
Email: jitenb@iitg.ac.in

Experiments Performed:

This laboratory is dedicated to support advancement of manufacturing research, manufacturing education that will influence, attract and develop the future manufacturing workforce.

Today manufacturing is at a crucial crossroads. Changes in the way the world does business, global competition and our escalating technological capabilities are placing unprecedented demands on manufacturing. Unfortunately, as the worldwide demand for the manufacture of innovative high quality products and processes expands, there is a parallel decrease in an interested and prepared workforce in India that can be found in this rapidly changing environment.

At this lab we strive to continually acquire and intelligently apply resources to support the interest, advancement of manufacturing education. We recently acquired a laser scanning system that aids in the process of new product development. This technology captures and processes high resolution 3D spatial geometries, for design, analysis or inspection. The lab also supports the educational needs of evolving technology in traditional manufacturing disciplines.

Following are the machines/equipments in this lab:

  1. Tool Makers Microscope.[Make: Getner Instruments Pvt. Ltd.]
  2. Dynamometer. [Make: Aree Educational Equipments Pvt. Ltd.]
  3. Co-ordinate Measuring Machine. [Make: Carl Zeiss]
  4. Pulsed ND: YAG Solid State Laser System. [Make: Suresh Indu Laser.]
  5. 3D laser Scanner. [Make: Roland DG Corporation.]
  6. HSTP Injection Moulding machine with accessories. [Make: Tex air]
  7. Vacuum Coating Unit. [Make: Vacuum Techniques Pvt. Ltd.]
  8. Electro-Chemical Machining Unit. [Make: Metatech Industries.]
  9. Air Dehumidifier. [Make: Bry air.]
  10. Air Compressor. [Make: Ingersoll Rand]
  11. Profile Projector. [Make: Optomech Engineers Pvt. Ltd.]
  12. 2.5 kW CO2 Laser Cutting Machine. [Make: LVD Company n.v.]

Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

Description: To measure angle between two planes, linear distances etc., upto substantial precision and accuracy levels.

Make: Carl Zeiss.

Pulsed ND: YAG Solid State Laser System

Description: Used for micro-level cutting and fabrication of miniature holes.

Make: Suresh Indu Laser.

3D laser Scanner

Description: Used to scan 3D components and hence it may prove to be a resourceful apparatus for reverse-engineering/rapid-prototyping applications.

Make: Roland DG Corporation.

HSTP Injection Moulding machine with accessories

Description: Used for large-scale fabrication of plastic components.

Make: Tex air.

Vacuum Coating Unit

Description: Used for specimen-coating with aluminium, silver etc.

Make: Vacuum Techniques (P) Ltd.

Electro-Chemical Machining Unit

Description: Used for electrolytic machining purpose.

Make: Metatech Industries.

2.5 kW CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Description: Used for laser cutting, laser forming and laser welding.

Make: LVD Company n. v.