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[1] Development of Manual Corn Seed Remover




NGO/Institution Associated:

Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Majitar, East Sikkim



  • This innovation relates to the development of a manual corn seed remover, which is a manually operated device for the rural people. This machine is hand operated, easy to handle and requires little maintenance.


Maize is a very important crop in India. The seeds are removed with the help of hand, which is painful and a time consuming task. It is amazing that the five thousand year old method still continued till today. It is easy to remove the grains for one or two maize but when have to perform for huge mass then it becomes very difficult. Many times swelling of finger occurs while performing the removal operation. But still in many part of India, farmers are still removing grains in old fashion to earn their daily bread in the absence of appropriate technology. In market maize grain removing machine are available but the disadvantage is that it is very expensive to purchase, diesel consumption is more and maintenance is expensive and it is not suitable for small scale operations. For poor people investing huge amount of money is not possible. This product will help the small farmers in India to remove the grains easily.

30th June 2012 023

Manual Corn Seed Remover


[2] Design and Development of a multi-nutrient   complete feed block production machine (Manual)




NGO/Institution Associated:

NRC on YAK, ICAR, Dirang, Arunachal pradesh


In usual practice people of high altitude region try to store fodder like straw, husk etc., to tide over the scarcity of fodder during dry/winter season. But this demands lots of space and by this process it is practically impossible to meet the actual requirement of fodder for winter season. Due to this every year many cattle of such region die out of starvation. This affects the economic condition of the poor farmers. Therefore, need of a compact, manually operated, low cost, easy maintenance complete feed block production machine was highly felt, so as to make it viable for small group of farmers to support yak and mithun rearing in high altitude snow bound area.

















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Workshop/ Meeting

Period of organization and venues/ NGOs attended

Theme / Issue emerged


An workshop on identification of problems concerning rural economy by involving few new NGOs Of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

18th May, 2012 at Conference room , RuTAG-NE IITG


Participating NGOs:

1).  North East Women Entrepreneurs Association, Dibrugarh

2). Pancharatna Gramya Bikash Kendra , Nalbari

3). Sristi Group, Lakhimpur

4). Amik Matai Society, Tezu, ARP

5). Deshbandhu Club, Silchar

6. Gramin sahara, Chaygaon, Kamrup, Assam

7. Ajagar Social Circle, Goalpara

1. Development of  efficient dryer run on locally available biomass for drying water hyacinth stock during rainy season

2. Design and develop advanced curing system for drying large cardamom which should be of low cost and eco friendly

3. Design and development of a solar powered aerator for diffusion of oxygen in fish ponds


A meeting held under the auspices of National Research Centre on Yak, ICAR, dirang, Arunachal Pradesh and RuTAG-NE, IITG

8th June, 2012 at conference room NRC  on Yak

Scientists and representatives  of development agencies and NGOs participating in the meeting showed keen interest in most of the technologies developed by RuTAG –NE

Some problems raised by the members :

1.  development of fast colour natural dye for Eri cloth fabrics with locally available ingredients of the state

2. development of a low cost corn seed remover machine

3. Simple machine/ device for production of dhup sticks

4. Development of suitable technology for extraction, processing and knitting  finer strands of yak fur



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