PostDoc Fellow

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Photo SNo: 1
Room No: E1 205
Name: Dr. Neelam Saikia (DST Inspire Faculty)
Roll No:
Email: neelam16
Mentor: Self
DOJ: 15.November.2016

Photo SNo: 2
Room No: E 313
Name: Dr. Dibakar Saha (Institute PDF)
Roll No: 2018IR0013
Email: dibakar.saha10
Mentor: Dr. P.S. Mandal
DOJ: 26.March.2018

Photo SNo: 3
Room No: E 309
Name: Dr.. Tanusri Senapati (Institute PDF)
Roll No: 2018IR0015
Email: senapati.tanusri
Mentor: Dr. Arup Chattopadhyay
DOJ: 26.March.2018

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