Books and Chapters

Book :

  1. Kalamdhad, A.S., 2010. High rate composting of municipal solid waste-An option for decentralized composting, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing AG & Co. KG, Saarbrucken, Germany.

Books Chapter:

  1. Kalamdhad, A.S., Kazmi, A.A., (2007) Rotary drum composting of Municipal and rural solid waste. In Rahman, Z. (ed): Umang - Rural technologies….changing lives, Wisdom Publishers, India, pp. 78-80.

  2. Kalamdhad, A.S., Singh, Y.K., Ali, M., Khwairakpam, M., Kazmi, A.A., (2009) High rate composting of institutional organic wastes. In Shukla, J.P. (ed): New technologies for rural development having potential of commercialization. Allied publishers, India, pp. 169-175.

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