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(1) Strategic Shuffling of Clay Layers to Imbue Them with Responsiveness.
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(3) Control of Selective Ion Transfer across Liquid-Liquid Interfaces: A Rectifying Heterojunction Based on Immiscible Electrolytes.
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(4) Self-assembled Two-dimensional Nanofluidic Proton Channels with High Thermal Stability.
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        Highlight: C&E News: Why Graphene Oxide Thin Films Are Water Stable.
        Science - Editor's choice: For stability just add some debris?
        Materials Today: Graphene oxide stability.
        Electrochemical Society: member spotlight.
(6) Molybdenum Sulfide Supported on Crumpled Graphene Balls for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Production.
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        Highlight: Materials Today: "GO with the nanoflow"
        IEEE Spectrum: "Paper and Scissors Key in Latest Development of Nanofluidics"
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        Bang! Science Magazine (University of Oxford): "Graphene oxide paper and scissors - all you need to create nanofluidic device"
        FrogHeart: "Nano crafts class: get out your 'paper' and scissors"
        Techfragments: "Making Nanofluidic Devices out of Graphene Oxide Papers."
(9) BCN: A Graphene Analogue with Remarkable Adsorptive Properties.
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        Highlight: Issues in Chemistry and General Chemical Research: 2011
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        Highlight: Nature India: "Graphene substitute"
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        Highlight: Nano Highlights from ACS Publications, 2008.
(13) Synthesis, structure and properties of homogeneous BC4N nanotubes.
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Book Chapter
(21) Graphene Oxide: New Insight into an Old Material.
       Kalyan Raidongia, Alvin Tan, Jiaxing Huang in "Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene," 2nd Edition,
        Elsevier, UK. Editor: Prof. Sumio Iijima and Prof. Kazuyoshi Tanaka.
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